Dispositif de chargement

Airpallet Lift - Modèle LLK
KNORR air board system is the perfect solution to separate the various work sequences and eliminates waiting time. Can be used offline at a jogging station as well at a cutting station.


Sorting Buffer - Model SP
Available with 6 or 10 shelves, prepared reams of different jobs can be stocked and sorted - every board can be selected seperately.


Airpallet Lift With Automatic Board Removal - Model LLK-BA
The LLK-BA takes off the free board from the board lift and puts it onto a trolley, saves time and gives more efficiency.

Modèle Format
RL-2-P no separating gauge 65 x 104
RL-3-P 86 x 134
RL-6-P 107 x 149
RL-7-P 115 x 166
RL-7B-P 125 x 166